Maui Council 2017

evolutionary toolkit

Visions for Reinhabiting Maui



(This page is being developed.)

This place is for compiling visions of what a positive future might look like here on Maui.

What are we working toward together? What would it look like to Reinhabit Maui?

* If you would like to help conduct research and contribute to this section, contact

Things that might be included here:

Anything that can provide an inspiring glimpse of what we might co-create together. This could take the form of:

  • maps, land-use plans
  • descriptions of what the island and our communities might look like
  • visions for a sustainable local economy
  • visions of what our community and interpersonal relationships might look like
  • large national or global visions that we can be part of

Here's your invitation: use your imagination!