‘A ‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia.

(No task is too big when done together by all.)

What does it mean to activate?

It means stepping into your empowered self, showing up, getting involved, and making a difference. Since we all are embedded in an unsustainable civilization, we are all presently contributing to the problem. The question is – in what ways can each of us be part of the solution? Am I merely a cog in a big wheel that is relentlessly rolling toward a cliff? Or am I part of an inspired local and planetary effort to do something magnificent?

Activating means doing things that contribute to humanity's Great Turning, healing our relationships with each other and the planet. What would it mean for you to truly rise to your evolutionary potential, as if the well-being of you and your loved ones, future generations, and the Earth itself all depended on it?

Some Ways to Activate:

Support Local organizations. Volunteer with, become a member of, or donate to one of our great local organizations. See a list of local organizations here.

Support local initiatives, issue campaigns, projects, proposed legislation, etc. Contact local organizations and find out what projects they are working on, or start your own project, social experiment, or ballot initiative.

Activate through your school, church, or community center. Organize events like educational movie nights, presentations, and fundraisers for a cause. Help your institutions become more sustainable through their purchasing choices and how they run their facilities.

Get political. Attend public hearings and testify; support worthy candidates; discuss issues with your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers; contribute to the Political Tracker.

Support your Community Association. As local as it gets -- work together for change with your neighbors. See a list of Maui community associations here.

Support Evolution-Local. Post to the Forum or Almanac; Contribute photos, artwork, or guest blog posts. Read more here.

Be "on call". Subscribe to social media pages or organizations' email lists that send out action alerts, etc.  Be ready to show up, write letters, make calls, etc on short notice.

Activate your whole self. Activating also entails evolving as an individual, becoming more aware and more focused, shifting one's priorities, and coming alive more fully. There are many pathways of personal evolution. Read more.

Support alternative media. In addition to national and global media sources, Maui has a number of options for local TV, radio, websites, and print media -- as well as social media. See more

Connect with local nature. Explore new trails and snorkel spots. Go on a group outing or spend some solo time in nature. Find a spot to sit, slow down, and take it all in, the big picture and the finest details. Look under rocks and into the depths of the night sky.  

Spend time with others who are activating. One of the best ways to get inspired -- it's contagious.

At the HAPA People's Forum

At the HAPA People's Forum

Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck keeping it real at the Makawao 4th of July Parade


Header photo credits (left to right)

  • Uncle Jerry Konanui shares his mana`o on taro biodiversity and identification.
  • Local color from the Save Olowalu campaign.
  • Guided jungle hike through a diverse rain forest restored from former pineapple land.
  • Keiki Art Show with local nature paintings -- what's not to like?