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Awakening In The Anthropocene

 A long and dangerous slumberA recurring motif in our popular mythology is that of an enchanted sleep or dangerous slumber. Beyond  Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, variations on the theme appear in classic mermaid tales where sailors are lulled to their final sleep;...

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Building Maui’s Local Food Movement

Maui is a like a miniature version of the planet, with an incredible diversity of ecosystems and microclimates all packed into one small island. As a result, the options for farmers and gardeners are enormous. Name a food plant, and chances are that it can be grown on...

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Reinhabit Maui!

  Reinhabit or Re-inhabit. Verb. 1. To become rooted in a place by getting to know it deeply, especially via first-hand experience.  2. To heal or restore a place that has been disturbed or overexploited.  3. To bring culture into sustainable alignment with local...

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Introducing Evolution-Local

Introducing Evolution-Local Welcome to Evolution-Local, a community hub for activating our individual and collective evolutionary potential! The living planet extends to you an invitation: to pause, to contemplate, to extend your roots, and to blossom into your...

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Perennial Greens Workshop

One of the best things I did last year was treat myself to a class on perennial edible greens. The class was given by Jenn Evans at the Haiku `Aina Permaculture Initiative (HAPI) in Haiku. Jenn did a superb job of introducing us to seven plants, their cultivation and...

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