Maui Council 2017


A community tool for political education and empowerment

 Promoting transparency and public engagement in local politics

Monitoring elected officials, government bodies, and key local issues

 The Tracker is a collaborative effort -- get involved!



POLITICAL TRACKER CONTENTS (note: the Political Tracker is a work-in-progress, and some sections are not yet up and running)

1. Introduction to the Political Tracker. For background on the Tracker concept, check out the following post:

   “Introduction to the Local Political Tracker”

2. Maui Political Bulletin: The Bulletin provides a chronological list of local political events with brief commentary and links from the news. Click here to read the Bulletin.

3. Local Government Tracker This section documents the activities of governmental bodies and individual officials. While the emphasis is on Maui County government, sections are included on Hawaii State Government, and Hawaii's representatives in the US Government.

4. Local Issue Tracker. This section documents government activity related to key local issues. For more in-depth background on each issue, see the Local Issues section of the website, or for nature conservation issues see the Local Nature Almanac. Issues can be discussed in the Discussion Forum. Issues include: Water, Agriculture/GMOs, Planning/Land-Use, Energy, Housing, Waste, Native Hawaiian Issues, Governance, and Nature Conservation

5. Local Elections and Party Politics. This section contains information on candidates running for office, as well as background on how the voting and election process works.

6. Local Democracy Resource Page: Links to articles, organizations, films, podcasts, etc.