How to Use and Support Evolution-Local

Use it to learn and shift your consciousness. Drop in from time to time and check out everything in the Toolkit, Blog, Discussion Forum and other sections. Hone your local evolutionary worldview.

Use it to share and teach. Share your ideas, concerns, and knowledge in the Forum. Contact us about adding content to the Toolkit or Blog sections.

Use it to engage in real conversation. Start a thread in the discussion forum, or contribute to an existing discussion. Rather than just being an anonymous consumer of ‘news’ you can cultivate important discussions. Use the forum to discuss challenges in the backyard garden, sea level rise, important bird habitat, affordable housing, the upcoming elections, etc… Discussion furthers our collective intelligence.

Use it to create community. Both online community and real face-to-face local community. Sponsor Ev-Lo meet-ups, discussions, or teach-ins around different topics or just to be social. Meet new friends and do fun and creative things together. Sunrise ceremonies, night hikes, work parties.

Use it to activate and help others activate. Find out about people who are working for positive change in your area, and how you can get involved. Start or support issue campaigns or ballot initiatives; organize demonstrations, protests, alternative currencies;   build bike paths, community gardens, seed swaps, etc.

Use it to organize and take back democracy. Help develop and maintain the Political Tracker section of the website. Attend local meetings or hearings and add your notes to the Tracker. Keep an eye on elected officials to promote transparency and accountability. Help pass needed legislation. Prepare the community for elections.

Use it to deepen your experience of your local place and the living cosmos. Get in the habit of sharing your observations in the Local Nature Almanac. You will help open others’ eyes, and they will do the same for you. Contemplate the Epic of Evolution and how it all fits together.

Use it instead of other doing things. Prioritize becoming an evolutionary being and letting go of other habits or addictive behaviors. Study and contribute to the Ev-Lo site instead of randomly cruising the web, social media, playing another game, watching TV, etc.

How to support Evolution-Local

Become a member. This enables you to participate in the Forum and Nature Almanac, register for optional notifications, etc.

Regularly add content to the site. Daily? Weekly? Whenever you are inspired. Don’t be shy – the planet and this place need your mana'o.  

Spread the word. Share links to Ev-Lo content, and otherwise bring it to people’s attention.

Contribute artwork, photos, or other material. A great way for artists and others to share their work and support local evolution. Credit will be given. 

Volunteer to coordinate different sections of the site. Become a forum administrator, or maintain the Activate! or Political Tracker sections. Bring your “can-do” attitude and volunteer for a limited time, or on an ongoing basis. (Volunteer needs are listed in the Activate! section.)

Help develop and run the site and network. This is an evolutionary experiment, created in real-time. If you like the Ev-Lo concept, then by all means, be one of the brains behind the operation. Use the Discussion Forum to propose changes or additions to the site.

[coming soon] Help develop the Ev-Lo network’s financial base. Help Evolution-Local thrive and multiply by creating a solid financial foundation for the network. Do it as a volunteer, or help create a paid position for yourself…

[coming soon] Start Ev-Lo sites in other places. Like what you see? Contact us about starting a new local site and becoming part of the Ev-Lo network. Every bioregion, every town, island, river valley, peninsula, city and mountain range needs a hub for local evolutionaries. Help Evolution-Local quickly transform from a mere sparkle in the eye to an unstoppable creative force for humanity’s long overdue reinhabitation of Earth. (See previous item.)