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The Almanac consists of:

  1. The Maui Nature Journal
  2. A Brief Ecological History of Hawai`i
  3. Local Nature Conservation Issues
  4. Maui Geography info
  5. Local Nature Links


1. The Maui Nature Journal

The Nature Journal is a place to share observations and experiences in the natural world. The format is basic: a sequential listing of entries, descriptions or interpretations of local nature, submitted whenever anyone is inspired to share.

The goals:

  • Co-create an archive of local nature observations.
  • Learn from each other and create an ecologically literate culture, right here.
  • Document ecological changes.
  • Engage with and document our natural environment, so that we can better know, love, and care for this place, so that we can teach the keiki, malama the aina, and reinhabit the islands.
  • Celebrate all that this living place is, and to help each other see, hear, and understand.

Check out the Nature Journal and add posts here.

2. A Brief Ecological History of Hawai’i. The Hawaiian islands as micro-continents, species incubators, and hot spots for evolutionary creativity. Read the history here.

3. Local nature conservation issues


  • Forest protection and restoration
  • Marine Conservation/Reef Protection
  • Native Plants
  • Freshwater conservation
  • Invasive species control
  • Development and habitat protection

See more here

4. Maui Geography Info. Including an overview of local ecosystem types, native geographical concepts, and links to maps.

5. Local Nature Links. Links to abundant Hawai`i nature info on the web: conservation organizations; sites for native plant, bird, insect, and fish lovers, and more. See more here.