Evolution-Local Maui

A Community Hub for Activating our Evolutionary Potential

Humanity has arrived at a moment of truth on our shared journey. Will we continue to pretend industrial civilization can be sustained in its present form, as we accelerate toward ecological and social collapse? Or can we summons the collective wisdom, creativity, and courage to rapidly evolve? Can we co-create a shared vision of a vibrant and healthy future for all people, all species?  Evolution-Local is a space where we can connect, reflect, organize, and activate, working together to re-inhabit this living place we share.

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Welcome to Evolution-Local Maui!

A new online resource for activating our individual and shared evolutionary potential

First the heavy news: Globally and here in Hawai`i we are faced with the biggest challenge in our history as a species. Either we evolve rapidly or we face a massive ecological and social unraveling that will greatly accelerate in the coming decades. Due to our transformation of Earth’s landscapes and our fossil fuel habit, climate change is happening more quickly than predicted, and the implications are profound. Unless we change course quickly, extinction is on the horizon for many of the planet’s higher life forms. There have been at least five prior episodes when 70% or more of the planet’s species went extinct, and humans are currently causing the sixth such episode.

NebulaYet we can find inspiration in the 13.8 billion year Epic of Evolution, which shows the universe and Earth as highly creative. We are a living and breathing manifestation of that creativity. If we can muster up the individual and collective will, it may be possible to maintain an ecologically livable planet. This is the Great Work of our Age, a.k.a the Great Turning, or the Great Transition. It will involve reducing our consumption, redistributing wealth and power, relocalizing, and treating the planet and the places we inhabit less like a mine, and more like the irreplaceable and precious garden that we depend on.

Here on Maui we already have a growing movement in support of local food security, 100% renewable energy, clean water, air, and soil, healthy forests and reefs, true local democracy, and a sustainable and just future. We have many people who value inner growth and personal development, people who love the `aina and their ohana, and who are willing to contribute their time and energy to the common good.

What kind of evolutionary culture can we create here? How can we “reinhabit” the islands in ways that restore and protect local nature while providing for everyone’s needs for healthy food, shelter, and energy? For starters we might honor and learn from the values and knowledge of the native Hawaiian culture that practiced self-sufficiency for a millennium before Europeans arrived. How can those values be applied to our current situation?

The Evolution-Local network of websites aims to contribute to the Great Turning by serving as a hub for our individual and collective evolution. Evolution-Local Maui is the first “pilot” site in the network. and is a community resource where together we can:

  • Learn from each other by discussing important local issues on the Community Forum.
  • Develop an “evolutionary consciousness” and reevaluate our individual and shared priorities.
  • Help take back the democratic process using the Local Political Tracker.
  • Activate! Plug in and get involved in some aspect of Maui’s growing movement for a healthy and just future.
  • Connect more deeply with local nature and increase our ecological literacy with the Local Nature Almanac. Share experiences and observations in the Community Nature Journal.
  • Develop a shared vision for our future and work toward it.

If it is your first time here:  Check out these pieces, or just start exploring the sections on the menu above.

The website is brand new, and content will be increasing every week. The site is here to be used, so dive in, and let’s create our future together. Mahalo.

Evolution-Local Maui

A Community Hub for Activating our Evolutionary Potential