Evolution-Local Discussion Forum policies

[Note: these policies also apply to comments on blog posts, or posts made by users to the Political Tracker, Nature Almanac, or other sections of the website]

Intent. The discussion forum provides a free and neutral space for readers to share their thoughts and opinions on issues relevant to the website’s purpose.

Forum access. Anyone who is a registered Evolution-Local user can post to the forum. If you are not yet a registered user you can register here.

Courtesy. Please do your part to promote healthy, positive and intelligent dialogue. We request that you afford the members who are kind enough to post in this forum the same courtesy and respect with which you would wish to be treated: name calling, personal attacks and trolling will not be tolerated. While disagreement is welcome, derogatory or insulting comments about other members or their opinions is not welcome and may result in interventions by the forum moderators that are described below.

Gratitude. With time the website and forum will become a rich source of information and expertise. Site members can ask questions and will often receive free advice. With that in mind, everyone appreciates a “Mahalo”. If you ask and run, the person who answers your question is likely to be less inclined to answer any of your other questions, or anyone else's question for that matter.

No spam/unauthorized advertising/marketing. Linking to your company, product, website, blog, etc, in your signature or within your post is not allowed. If you have a product or service that you think is relevant to this site, and you are interested in advertising or being featured, please contact the site administrator at evolutionlocal1@gmail.com.

Also off-limits:

  •         Religious proselytizing.
  •         Including a quote from an email or private message is forbidden and it will be deleted.
  •        Use of multiple user names by the same forum member is prohibited. If this is breached the board moderators reserve the right to remove all but the primary registration.

Interventions. The forum is here for the enjoyment of all, and the moderators reserve the right to remove posts or even go as far as banning users, when it's clear that the contributions go against the website intent. In the event of conflicts that require moderator intervention:

  •         Forum moderators reserve the right to request participants to cease behavior that is deemed destructive to the forum;
  •        Forum members are given three chances to comply with a moderator's request. Failure to do so can result in either temporary or permanent banning from the forum, at the discretion of the moderators.
  •        In the interest of respecting both the moderators and forum members involved in a dispute, any communications between them is considered private and confidential. Any attempts to post these private communications on the forum will be immediately removed and may result in further action against the forum member who has posted this confidential information.

Disclaimer. Opinions and content shared in the forum do not necessarily reflect the views of Evolution-Local, its administrators or staff.

Reporting inappropriate content. If you see a comment that you believe violates the rules above, please report it to evolutionlocal1@gmail.com [or use the “report post” button, if you see one].

If you are dissatisfied with the forum, or with any of these policies, feel free to suggest better policies.

Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the website!