third post to budget and finance. Here is some of what happened:

    • Financial and performance audits.
    • Budget, capital program, bond authorizations, intergovernmental agreements with a financial impact on the annual budget, including intergovernmental loans, and the finance component of all county grants.
    • Taxes, rates, fees, and assessments for inclusion in the budget, except that revenue ordinances may also be considered by other standing committees.
    • Revisions and updates to real property tax ordinances.
    • Operations of the Department of Finance; the Department of Personnel Services, including salaries and collective bargaining cost items; and the Community Development Block Grant program.
    • Appointment of the County Auditor for a term as specified in the Revised Charter of the County of Maui (1983), as amended; review and comment upon the annual Audit Plan issued by the Office of the County Auditor; and review of audit findings and recommendations set forth in written reports of the County Auditor.